When you are watching your favorite sports or shows, there would be times when the signal turns out to be weak and the screen becomes all blank or there would be pixealation. Note that a TV antenna comes along with its own set of pros and cons which we all should be prepared with. It is no doubt a best way to watch free TV but at the same time there can be cases when the signal would turn out to be weak. But by using few tricks which are simple, you can overcome these problems. Even with the best of HD antennas, you can suffer from signal problems. Firstly, understand when the signal would be weak. There are two main reasons for the same, firstly there is too much obstruction in between the tower and the antenna. Secondly the location of the broadcasting tower would be too far.

Hence when you find out that the signal reception is very weak, you can carry out certain steps that would eliminate these problems and there would not be any issues in receiving strong reception signals.

Adjusting the antenna position:

The placement of the antenna makes a huge difference in what signals you would be receiving. The broadcasts signals are flying through the air which hit the television spread across the globe. This invisible broadcast signals can come across certain hiccups on their way when there are additional traffic present already in the airwaves. Due to the introduction of the cellular services and the constant enhancement can lead to those signals weakening the TV signal reception. You may start to lose out on the signal strength based on how far you are from the broadcasting tower. Hence it is important that the direction and the height of the antenna is properly adjusted. The higher the antenna, the better signals it would receive. When you have a directional antenna, note that it should be pointed in the exact direction where you have the broadcasting tower.

Using the coaxial cable:

Most of the TV antenna comes along with a coaxial cable. Surely the length of the cable would differ from one model or company to another. But many a times people think that when they already have one which is given free then why purchase another one. Note that when the cable is longer, it would allow you to place the antenna as high as possible on the wall or window. An extra cable would not do any harm.

Check the connections:

Many a times when everything seems to be in place and still you receive signal problems then there would be certain minute details that may have been missed to check. The connections of the cable are one thing which you should be checking apart from the position of the antenna. At times, minor loose connections can also interrupt the reception.

Get antenna booster:

Antenna boosters are normally installed for extended the range of the TV antenna. For example, if the current antenna is covering only 30miles then by adding a booster it can further increase to 50miles or so. This would mean more clear channels and strong signals. Now-a-days a lot of TV antenna come along with a booster wherein you can directly plug in the TV unit separately.