How many channels can I expect to receive?

Having cable television would mean getting hundreds of channels. Hence when it comes to saying goodbye to cable television, there are mixed reactions. People get confused as well as excited. The confusion is really regarding, how many number of channels would they actually receive once the cable subscription is cut off. The excitement would be in regards to no longer paying those rising cable bills. One of the easiest and cheaper ways to get most of your favourite channels would be with the help of a TV antenna. There are different varieties of antenna available in the market offering unique features to its viewers. Installing a TV antenna at home can provide you with more than dozens of channels.

When we talk about how many channels can one receive through OTA TV antennas then the simple answer to it would be, it depends on the broadcasting tower present in your area. Each of the broadcasting tower has different programming to be offered to its viewers. Hence it is difficult to provide a number saying with so and so antenna you are sure to receive an exact number of channels. Some of them can receive 40 plus channels whereas some may only receive 8 to 10 channels. Those who receive maximum channels are mostly situated in an area that has multiple broadcast stations. Hence in such cases apart from the local channels, they are bound to also receive regional channels which otherwise may not be a possible case for certain other individuals.

Certain major broadcasting programs that can be available for the viewers are, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW and so on. Having a longer range antenna provides additional channels when compared with a low range antenna. There are certain HDTV antennas which state that the viewers can receive 90 out of 100 channels. There is only one issue with this claim, the programming is bound to change from one location to another. Hence even when the company claims to provide so many channels, you may or may not receive the exact number of channels.

In general, an individual can receive more than 12 channels including ABC, PBS, Fox, NBC and CBS. Some of them can also receive high definition channels, local channels, regional and sub-channels. There are certain companies which also state that they provide premium channels. This is not true. For viewing premium channels, you would have to pay subscription charges for the same. Premium channels are not offered free of cost.

On an average an individual having a TV antenna that picks up good signal strength can surely receive 12 to 50 number of channels. All of these channels are provided to the viewer absolutely free of cost. But still one should note that there are multiple factors which can affect this number hence you should be aware about the same. The distance of the broadcasting tower in your area, any obstructions such as buildings, trees and so on, and also which model of antenna you have purchased. All of these can impact the signal strength which in turn would have an effect on the number of channels you receive. Hence get all the resources in hand and only then purchase the antenna suitable for your needs.